I am a User Experience Designer, Architect, Strategist, and Manager with more than 17 years of experience in conducting user research, designing and evaluating user experiences, building user experience infrastructure, and managing the function of user experience in both large and small organizations.

I have an extensive background working in many different environments, including within waterfall and agile methodologies, with global teams and clients, and working across the product lifecycle with IT, Product Management, and Marketing teams.

My experience includes:

  • Conducting User Research
    Planning, Execution, Analysis
  • Designing User Experiences
    Conceptual Design, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Service Design
  • Evaluating User Experiences
    Heuristic Evaluation, Usability Testing, UX Measurement
  • Building User Experience Infrastructure
    Defining Standards and Processes
  • Building and Managing a User Experience Function
    Building and Managing UX Teams, Establishing Team Strategy, Evangelizing User Experience